Emma's Heaven

Bamboo Reusable Face Pads - 16 Pads

  • 16 reusable cotton round pads with bamboo storage jar and washable laundry bag.
  • (70%) organic bamboo viscose and (30%) cotton fiber.
  • Add warm water to the cotton pad, then apply facial cleanser. In a circular motion, gently rub pad over face, until makeup is removed.
  • These pads can effectively clean deep into your pores and pull all makeup, sunscreen and chemicals out for a fresh clean feel. 
  • Not only can these pads be used with a cleanser, these pads work extremely well for applying a Toner. It is a great way to eliminate your disposable pads.
  • Machine wash and dry makeup remover pads in the regular cycle in the small washable laundry bag included. This should clean them thoroughly. Always use the mesh bag when washing them. 

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